Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

NOTE: *CEU* denotes both singular and plural.

CEU is recognized as a uniform unit of educational accomplishment by colleges, universities, and other adult education programs. CEU are awarded to individuals who satisfactorily complete educational opportunities that meet the stated criteria.

1 CEU = 10 hours of study. That is, one CEU represents 10 hours of participation in an organized, continuing education experience under reliable sponsorship, capable direction, and qualifiedinstruction.

For example, if a course is taught in seven two-hour sessions (a total of 14 hours of class), 1.4 CEU would be awarded for the completion of that course.

Course Requirements

Courses available through the Lockheed Martin Leadership Association are open to all employees. In most cases, family members and guests may be allowed to enroll, and usually there are no prerequisites. Registration costs for non-members may be slightly higher than the registration costs for members.

On Your Own Time

No charge number is provided. Employees must attend on their own time and make up any time if event extends beyond allowed lunch/break times.