The Special Events group is unique in NMA chapters.    This group was setup to work company, corporate and internal initiatives that may not specially be support for the membership, but branding and community visibility internal and external to Lockheed Martin.  We are sort of a subset of Programs outside the membership support activities.  A lot of the activities we participate in are similar in nature to Programs and Community Relations type activities. 

We work coordinates various aspects of LMLA, company and corporate activities – and pick up any hard to identify projects the LMLA leadership throw in our laps.

Known Projects:

Alliance Air Show

Armed Forces Bowl

Stars & Stripes (military support in conjunction with the Veteran’s ERG that varies)

E-Week (work with ELDP group to coordinate an on-site competition )

What we do is fun, exciting, and mostly one-shot a year deals – so you are free to work with other groups and learn more about the organization.