The Programs group plans every aspect of putting on large events for LMLA. We generally organize popular annual events such as Rodeo Night, Corporate Night, and the ever-popular Six Flags day. But occasionally we’re charged with doing something entirely different, such as having a special speaker in for a one-time event. Then we all pitch in to get everything arranged.

As a Programs volunteer, our duties include (but are not limited to) tasks like these:

  • Reserve venues
  • Schedule speaker
  • Secure executive sponsorship
  • Schedule catering
  • Create program agendas
  • Handle ticket sales
  • Arrange for advertising materials
  • Reserve photographer
  • … and much more!

Working in Programs is rewarding in terms of both ensuring all details are taken care of and in having great opportunities to network, meet, and interact with the Executive Leaders of the company. Plus, we enjoy working together and always have a great time!