The Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Communications Group is responsible for both internal (to members) and public (to non-members and the wider employee and non-employee community) relations. We tell the LMLA story in print and via all appropriate online means.

Publications & Presentation Media

Communications publishes the online E-News (published six to eight times a year). We maintain the website for Fort Worth. And we are responsible for submitting our chapter’s monthly R1 report (which shows our activities, allocating appropriate points for each) to our parent National Management Association organization.

We also create or assist with special projects and presentations that involve telling the LMLA story, such as slide shows, presentations, brochures, flyers, etc. And we develop, administer, and help evaluate surveys on behalf of our chapter in order to communicate with members and discover their desires and level of satisfaction with the organization.

Delivering A Consistent Message

Additionally, Communications ensures consistency in telling the LMLA story. This encompasses both the visual format and wording of anything coming from LMLA Fort Worth. In other words, we are responsible for the logo design and accompanying collateral materials as well as ensuring that the logo appears appropriately on flyers, brochures, presentations, etc., and that any communications coming from LMLA are recognized as such.

The Communications group works closely with other groups within LMLA as well as with other LM company entities (such as LM Aero Company Services (Dept 17) and the LM Aero Communications group) and the general public in order to tell the LMLA story.